Hollywood Muscle Against Cancer

Hi folks.

Two days ago I got some pretty exciting news: instead of going through a “regular” 4th round of chemotherapy, I’m going to receive a transplant some time in the second half of May 2019. The match is not perfect, and that’s something I will no doubt reference in future posts, if only for the side effects that can be mitigated by training (not all can though).

Training-wise, this schedule entails that I have about one month to get in the best possible shape and that’s a pretty tall order. The best short-term programs for all-around kick-assedness are the “Hollywood Muscle” programs made famous by Hugh “the Wolverine” Jackman a decade ago (already) or more recently by Josh “So-Dark-Are-You-Sure-You’re-Not-From-The-DC-Universe Cable” Brolin. You can follow this link for a relatively good and informative YouTube video on the topic (but it’s only good because the standards for this kind of featurettes are rather low to begin with.

All Hollywood Muscle programs have the following features in common:

  • multiple training sessions per day for faster progress, with lots of recovery and lots of food in-between;
  • concurrent training of multiple qualities such as strength, endurance and mobility, some of it doubling as active recovery;
  • priority to full-body exercises with overlap between qualities (usually strength and muscle endurances) to maximizer the metabolic impact;
  • limited “fluff work” for purely cosmetic purposes, typically low-volume, high-intensity so as to not compromise recovery.

A good example of the second and third bullet points above is the Yoke Walk and Yoke Presses performed and posted on Instagram by yours truly. So programmed Hollywood Muscle begins to look like “strong(wo)man light” where “light” indicates that less emphasis is placed on short-duration efforts with super-heavy weights. The weights should stay heavy, and I’ll get back to that in future posts.

But for now, that’s really all there is to it for today, folks.